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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

MyVintage Swap parcel arrived today!

Toni over at Vintage Swap organised a fun event recently. She invited people to let her know if they would be interested in swapping a surprise parcel of vintage items with someone else. When she got the names, she paired us all up, and out of all the people around the world who participated, I was paired up with another lady in Melbourne!! My partner Jo emailed me very quickly, and we discussed the possibility of meeting over a coffee, and conduct our swap 'in person'. It would have been great, but due to my chaotic days in recent weeks, we just couldn't work out a date, so we eventually decided to go ahead and post our parcels to each other. Dear old Australia Post came good, and Jo and I both received our parcels today!
I have put photos of my goodies here. We had emailed details of our hobbies etc to each other, so that helped in deciding what to send. Well, Jo could not have done any better if I had chosen these myself. Have a look at this apron - the stitching is utterly fantastic! I said to Jo it is right up there with my favourites now. I don't know if she made the little bag, but I love that too. The postcards are lovely, and the little pink pussycat is so cute!
Roll on Vintage Swaps!


my vintage days said...

Vintage swap has been such fun. The post cards and bag are wonderful.

ms*robyn said...

hey, you need to join the vintage Christmas swap ! there is a link on the sidebar of my blog ;) mostly the ladies that we 'blog' with

Gina E. said...

OK Robyn, I will go and have a look for it RIGHT NOW! I know you have been very busy with all your swaps, and I haven't joined in any of them yet, because I didn't want to become involved with too many things, and get in over my head like I usually do! But this one sounds great.