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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I am a Happier Little Vegemite today..

For the benefit of my overseas readers, the term "a happy little Vegemite" is used by Aussies to express their satisfaction about something: "I am pleased about so-and-so". One reason I am happier is that we have finally got the outcome of Ken's medical tests - if you are interested in reading about that, pop over to Patra's Other Place and read all the sordid details, lol!
The other reason is my purchases yesterday at our local Savers Opportunity Store. I have scanned three of them, but the fourth item is too large, so a brief description will have to suffice. The photos here are of (1) my first authentic piece of Assisi work. It is a small scroll or wall hanging, complete with a piece of wood at either end. There are four motifs - two dark blue and two light blue. I am not sure what they are supposed to represent, but the stitching is excellent. This item was priced at A$1.49. I would give anything to know who made it, and when it was done. Very unusual and certainly a unique find at an op-shop. The next item is an uncut tapestry with twelve separate circular floral motifs. I can see all kinds of possibilities for these! I don't know why I put the third item on here - it is nothing to do with stitching! But it was one of my 'finds' so I thought I may as well include it. It is a drinks coaster, one of a boxed set of six, although there are only five in the box, which is probably why it ended up at the opshop for $1.99. I have bought about 8 sets of placemats and coasters from Savers over the last couple of years. I just love cork-backed placemats - they dress up a table so beautifully, as well as protect my cloths from hot or messy plates! I always have some on our kitchen table for daily use, and it doesn't take long for them to become shabby - NOT chic though! So I can afford to replace them at around $5 a box, instead of about $35 a box when they are new in the shops.
The fourth item I bought is a large linen tablecloth, for $3.99. I made an error of judgement with this one; I didn't take it off the hanger to see how big it is, and I assumed it would be smaller. It is one of those cloths which is plain except for a couple of bands of colour woven around the border. I had visions of using some of Pam's transfers to decorate it, but it is far too big for that purpose, so I might have to list it on eBay! There were a few more items in my buy-up, but I am not going to describe them here, as they are to be included in my next vintage swap package!


Lelia said...

Gina: NICE FINDS ; ) Thanks for sharing.

Crookedpaw said...

Much of the traditional Assisi work was heraldic. Looking at your motif, I would say you were looking at the Cock which is the symbol for vigilance, and also an emblem of St. Peter. It denotes great courage, and as the herald of the dawn, it is often used as an emblem of watchfulness. It signifies a hero in the field or an able man in the senate.

It is said the Cock crows three times before the death of a person. As the Cock was always connected in symbolism with the sun gods of Death and Resurrection, it has found its appropriate place in the four Gospels in the prophecy about Peter repudiating his Master before the Cock crowed thrice.

It's quite possible the creator of this piece had that in mind when they designed it.

Crookedpaw said...

P.S. Or they just liked chooks :-)

Chelle said...

Wonderful finds Gina! My favorite is the Assisi work.

Gina E. said...

Oh thanks Crooked Paw - that is great information. I am going to copy it and keep it with my Assisi piece for when people ask me about the icon, as no doubt they will.