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Monday, March 30, 2015

Serviettes /napkins.

Most of these are wanted by American members of the DTE forum, which is great because I don't know anyone in Australia who uses cloth napkins any more (except me)!  So, Beulah and Stephenie, here is a preview of what you will be receiving soon:
These are damask, which is a kind of woven linen or cotton.  If you click on this to bring it up close, you may be able to see the design woven into the fabric.

Three sets of embroidered ecru cotton napkins with crochet edges.  There are three of the one on the left, and four of the other two.

Three napkins and two matching placemats of cotton with beautiful crocheted edges.
  One single napkin of a kind, cotton with crocheted edge.

Two white cotton napkins with a yellow flower in the corner, and one older linen one with blue flower and crocheted edge.


Selina B said...

all the linens & doilies are beautiful!
wouldn't mind some myself, just one or two of those gorgeous crochet doilies from a previous post in the 1 & 2 boxes
i don't use napkins either, never have a need for them but they are something i could learn to use perhaps if i needed too
thanx for sharing

Cheryl said...

Cloth napkins seem to be a thing of the past here in Aust

Beulah Fields said...

Gina they're beautiful! I'm so excited. It's like Christmas. I just gave napkins to my cousin to make room for my new ones.