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Monday, March 16, 2015

Linens found at Geelong.

Some friends took me to the Geelong Vintage markets today.  Ken wasn't well, so they offered to take me out for the day.  We had great fun going through the two markets, and bought some interesting bits and pieces.  There was a bit of linen around, but I'm guessing it gets picked through regularly by people who go to the markets often.  I found lots of doilies, but these two were by far the nicest for quality of stitching. 
The Australia cloth is of course printed, but it is huge, and will be great when we have a lot of people over here for lunch outside on two tables pushed together.

This small cloth would not look like much to anybody else who didn't look closely at the stitching, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it was something special.  The second photo is a closeup where you can see the fine work.


Jane Galley said...

You've managed to pick up some lovely pieces to add to your collection

Selina B said...

more lovely linens, the last one looks like it is a placemat? have seen similar designs in my youth
yes, you should treat yourself every once in a while

krystal s said...

Love the swan one. Very nice.

Gina E. said...

Selina, I don't know how to reply to you on your blog (it is a different format to mine). The last photo on this post is a closeup of one corner of the cloth, which is a small suppercloth.