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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crocheted and lace items to go.

I have finally got around to sorting out two boxes of linens given to me in recent years.  There wasn't much in them that I wanted to keep for myself, so they have been sitting there until I made time to sort and photograph them. 

The photos I took today are just the lace and crocheted items.  I hope to have time tomorrow to photograph the embroidered linens, mostly doilies, a few hand towels, and other items.  Let me know if you see anything you would like.  I have numbered the pictures for easy reference.






 There is also a very long piece of crocheted edging, obviously meant to be added to a tablecloth at some time in the distant past.  I am very reluctant to cut it into pieces, so if somebody can make use of this in its entirety, I would be very happy for them to have it.  For this photo, I laid it out on the dining room floor to give you an idea of the size.


krystal s said...

Love all the doilies. I have bought the thread to make one and I am hoping I will be able to by watching you tube tutorials. Love them. Thanks for sharing.

Selina B said...

those doilies are adorable! wouldn't mind a couple to make into jug covers, got the idea from jenny of elefantz

thanx for sharing

Jane Galley said...

There's some lovely ones there Gina. Just used one that you sent me before :)