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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Purchase of linens from Etsy.

I don't buy much or sell anything on Etsy; eBay was the site that I haunted for years, but rarely these days.  I still receive emails from Etsy alerting me to sellers with something that I might like, and for the most part, I usually delete them without even looking.  But this time last week something must have caught my eye, and I'm so glad it did! 
An unfinished apron,with the remaining threads needed to finish it.  Not that I will, mind you - the stitching is exquisite - way past my standard!  So if I don't keep it as it is, I'll ask my colleague at the EGV if she would like it to finish.

The duchess (dressing table) set below was a real prize for my collection.   Embroidered fuschias are uncommon on linen - flowers are usually daffodils, daisies, roses, etc.  Years ago I paid nearly $100 for a tablecloth that had fuschias embroidered on it, so as soon as I saw this set I had to have it!  Beautifully worked, and the gorgeous crocheted edge sets it off perfectly.


Selina B said...

wow those fuchsias are gorgeous!
it would be lovely to see the apron finished too. what a great find
have a great weekend

Jane Galley said...

What vibrant colours on the the fuchsias, very pretty, and a lovely apron too

krystal s said...

Love the fushia set you have. Very pretty. Hope your friend can finish the apron for you as well.