"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quilt top for Aussie Heroes, and an old doiley.

I'd started this quilt top a month ago, but once I got tied up with the exhibition at Bundoora, I didn't have time to do any more on it. So it was at the top of my To Do list this week. I've tried several times to get a clear picture of the fabric, as it really is lovely (Australian birds), but this is the best I could do. It was too long to hang vertically on the clothesline, so I hung it sideways, and flipped the photo around on my computer!  Hard to see on the pic,but there is a brown border around the green sashing.

While I was sitting in the gallery at Bundoora, I did quite a bit of stitching in between visitors.  I'd taken an unfinished supper cloth, and this traycloth commemorating the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. I bought it unworked on eBay years ago, but never got around to stitching it.   I spent the first day working on the supper cloth and felt like I was getting nowhere (it only has about 2% done), so I decided to work on the tray cloth instead, and am very pleased with my work.  It just needs the Olympic torch on the right hand side, and some gum leaves to finish it.

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