"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Decluttering, and an experimental block.

I have accumulated so much fabric this year that I ran out of space to store it, and it was in piles on the floor, which I kept tripping over. As most of my sewing stash is on shelves in the wardrobe of one of our spare bedrooms, I decided to make some more room in there for the excess fabric. On the top two shelves, we had stored photos albums, boxes of photos, board games, old calendars, and other stuff we couldn't bring ourselves to chuck out. I hauled it all out on to the floor, gritted my teeth and started sorting out. I filled a box full of paper for the recycle bin, threw out a box of negatives that were not needed, as the photos were safely in albums years ago. The albums and other photos went back on to the top shelf, along with other folders and the board games. The calendars are still to be sorted out and given to local schools for kids to cut up, although I might keep a few for craft purposes. I looked up on Google "How to recycle old calendars" and found some great ideas!

Finding myself with two extra shelves for my fabric stash, I relocated other items like threads and kits, and fitted the bags of fabric on the shelves below. Happy Jan!

One of the many quilting and patchwork books I've borrowed from our library had a very easy version of the Chevron pattern. I had to try it out just to see if I could make it work for me. I'm happy with the technique, although next time I'll be more careful in my selection of the fabric with a pattern. This one should be all the same way up, but it's not. All part of the learning curve.


Cathy said...

Nice looking storage Gina. There`s an empty closet in my sewing/bedroom needing shelves and then I can use it.

Going to my first quilt show at a local history museum today. Very excited about it.

Loopylou said...

It's very therapeutic, having a good clear out. Now you'll see what you have more easily and be inspired to create

Joanne said...

You sound very much like me. I can relate to gritting the teeth when throwing things out. I usually don't regret it, though there have been one or two exceptions.... lol!

Linens and Royals said...

Well done Gina.
Chevron stripes are my favourite and yours are looking good. Sylvia