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Monday, September 17, 2012

New linens for the collection.

My exhibition at Bundoora is now closed, and I am thrilled to bits at the success of it. I've posted details of the final week on my Early Australian Linens blog, but for this blog I want to show the readers some more cloths that were given to me, as well as a stunning cloth and doiley that I won on eBay last week. I haven't been looking on eBay much since I retired from working, as I could not afford to continue spending so much once Ken was the sole income earner. But sometimes I wanted to check out the prices that various things were getting on eBay, or I'd look for something on behalf of friends who don't have an eBay account. I was doing just that last week when I discovered a little supper cloth and matching doiley, and as the embroidery looked to be stunning in the photo, I decided to place a bid. To my surprise I won the set for less than $12, and when it arrived, I was simply gobsmacked that nobody else had discovered it!

I have other supper cloths like this, but this is by far the most beautifully stitched, and with a hand crocheted edge as well.

While I was sitting in the gallery at Bundoora on Saturday, a couple came in to chat to me and tell me about their family linen. They were an older couple, and said their children had no interest in keeping the cloths, which had been made by the man's grandmothers in Germany around 1880. I said I would love to see them, so they turned up the next day with these three cloths, and insisted that I keep them, or pass them on to someone else who would appreciate them. As he was able to give me the names and dates of the makers, I will be showing these to our Guild collection ladies, as they may be interested in adding them to the Guild Collection.


Loopylou said...

The gold ones are stunning

Lakshmi said...

congrats Gina for winning those lovely set..
I like the others too..beautiful embroidery indeed..

Eggs In My Pocket said...

They all are so lovely!

Linens and Royals said...

The embroideries are lovely, you were lucky to win such ebay bargains. Sad that younger family members don't appreciate and value hand embroidery but at least you will care for it and add it to a collection to be displayed to others. Sylvia