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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New additions to collection.

Haven't had time to scratch myself lately, but finally got around to taking pics of the linens that were given to me last week by a visitor to the Bundoora Homestead gallery.  The first two are beautiful centrepieces, whitework and cut work respectively.

This is a very unusual piece of white work - looks like it may have been a nightdress holder, as it is envelope style with embroidered initials.  The lady who gave it to me said it was made in a convent in England.

Pristine white table cloth with cut work.
 A more recent embroidery I think - sweet cloth with tea set around it....
 And matching napkins.

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Nancy in Dallas said...

Oh my!!! I love your work!! It's amazing how each of us have our own talents and gifts. Such beautiful eye candy and I have only just begun to view your blog!!! Now off to see the rest..