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Monday, January 16, 2012

Messing around and messed up!

At Skill Builder Samplers, Leila has moved on to teaching how to do curves when patchworking. When I was learning Patchwork from a local tutor, I managed to complete a Drunkards Path block. With Jude's help, it was successful, but I haven't made anything with curves since then (apart from applique). But I figured it is like riding a bike - once you've done it, you don't forget. HA! Right. So why did my sample of curves using Leila's tutorial turn out like this??
EEEEK!! I was so careful tracing and cutting those templates. I don't think I'll do curves any more... Maybe I was just having a bad night. These leaves are the second project from my library book, and I stuffed them up too. I traced the templates and cut out the leaf shape, but that wasn't right. It was supposed to be done another way, which would ensure the fabric prints all lined up the same way instead of in different directions like mine!  The two on the right hand side are the correct alignment, which was just a fluke considering what I'd done.  But once I re-read the instructions, I realised, so next time I do them (I think they would look great using Japanese print fabric), it will look much better.  Still, these leaves are rather nice, don't you think?  Especially on the black background.

I found this at Savers in Mill Park today along with a lot of other non-linen goodies.  This little cloth is done in cross stitch.  I love lady bugs!

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Leila said...

I thought "surely wasn't that bad" and then I saw your block...oh, no! :) Did you cut out the templates on the solid or lightly dotted outer line? (the outer line is the right one)

Give it another try and just pin pin pin and sew slowly.

I love the leaf block even if the prints aren't going the right way. They are beautiful!