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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Skills Builder Sampler Block No.5

This was supposed to be completed a week ago, but I had a few hiccups with this design! It's not that easy to align all those triangles and I had to unpick quite a few rows before I was satisfied with the block. It still isn't perfect but I don't worry about perfection. I'm more concerned with getting the technique right so if I do it again, I won't make the same mistakes. The lesson learned from this block is to make sure those quarter inch seams are actually a quarter inch!


Miss 376 said...

Looks pretty good from here, love the colours. Hopefully you should enjoy this weeks more

Annie said...

Lining up those triangles looks like the road to frustration for someone like me. You did an excellent job!

Lyndel said...

nice ! really wish I had the patience for that.

Gina E. said...

Jane, I have finally run out of those pink and brown fabrics, so my next blocks will be a rainbow/mish mash of colour combinations!
Annie, I used to find this side of patchwork very frustrating, but the more I do it, the more I see where I've been going wrong, so make less mistakes as I go.
Lyndel, find a spare day or two, and I'll show you!

Liz said...

That is a beautiful block! And, yeah, that pesky quarter inch seam has caused me no end of troubles! It doesn't help that my two sewing machines have different markings for the quarter-inch. My seam ripper is my best loved tool!