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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quilt Show at Hurstbridge.

Today, Ken and I went to the annual Wattle Festival at Hurstbridge. I've posted more detail on my other blog, so I won't go into any more descriptions here, except to say that there was a small quilt show there, and I took a few photos. The quilts were made by the Essendon Quilters Group (I don't know why the Hurstbridge Patchworkers were not exhibiting, but it doesn't really matter). I've posted my photos at my Quilt Show blog here if you want to see them.
Oh I nearly forgot! While we were at the Festival, we walked pass a house where the owners were having a garage sale, so we wandered in. Among all the other stuff, there were some bundles of fabric, and I found this gorgeous length of cotton for $5! 44" wide and just over 2 yards long. Nice addition to my stash. Even Ken liked it!

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