"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some additions to my collection.

I met my friend J. for coffee this afternoon at the Diamond Valley Antique centre here in Eltham. There was HEAPS of linen there, but I resisted temptation until I discovered this charming little supper cloth...a bit on the expensive side at $45, but I love this design! Unfortunately the colour in the first photo is all out of kilter, but the second closeup pic is better.
After J. left, I drove around the corner to investigate the shops in the next street, and discovered another antique store! I couldn't believe it - two in Eltham! So in I went, and while they didn't have a big range of linen, I purchased these two for $5. A simple elegant tray cloth on cream linen with nice crocheted edge. Close up of motif and crochet.
Another simple item that most people might not have looked twice at, but the stitching is just a bit different, and very neat.


Maggie Ann said...

You must have the most wonderful shops! These are more wonderful pieces for your fab collection. Honestly, I can picture something like a quilt show, but a building containing all your linens and such, for display to the public for a nominal fee. Sound good? I'd go, well if it was local...smile. My friend and I are huge needlework fans.

angel wings and hearts said...

the cloth with the embroidered umbrellas is beautiful but i agree a bit exy at $45. :)