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Monday, September 08, 2008

Embroiderers Guild Annual exhibition

The Embroiderers Guild of Victoria is currently hosting their annual exhibition of members' work. Open 7 days a week from September 6th to 21st, it is at Embroidery House, 170 Wattletree Road, Malvern. Click here for more information, or go to the link on my sidebar on this blog. I'll be there as a volunteer gallery hostess on one or two days, so if you are in Melbourne and have a free day, drop in and say hello - and admire the fantastic stitching of our members. My Assisi Leaf coaster is on display with the other entries in the Guild Challenge; I didn't win an award, but I'm tickled pink to just be on show! Don't forget to visit the Gift Shop - all items are hand made by the Guild members. I couldn't resist buying this gorgeous little Teapot pincushion!


Pear tree cottage! said...

Oooooo! Aahhhh! I wish I could come on down I truly do, can you take photos? can we see some that way?......Gina you are on my blog again (you are becoming a regular) and I like that! (smiles)

Have fun!

Gina E. said...

Hi Lee-ann, no, we aren't allowed to take any photos, I don't know why. But I'll ask - perhaps that only applies to 'outsiders' i.e. non members of the Guild.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh, what a darling teapot pincushion. I can see why it went home with you. ~~Thanks for your nice comments about my pictures of the process of washing fleece from the Shetland sheep. It is a very interesting and rewarding process, with the best pleasure coming at the very end of the process when you ply the yarn, and its ready to knit or crochet. I have some mohair to dye later this week, a first experience I'm looking forward to. The mohair came from a goat farm...and from an angora goat baby. Soooooo soft!