"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Friday's mail and Friday's stitching.

I only had an hour's work yesterday morning, so had the rest of the day to myself. When this happens, I usually ring around all the friends who I know might be home, and see who wants to go for a walk/do some stitching/catch up for a cuppa...So my backlog of housework and stitching doesn't usually get done.
Today, most of the people I called didn't answer their phone, or were doing something else. So I figured there had to be a message here somewhere! I told myself to stay home and catch up on the essential things needing to be done. So I defrosted the fridge (LONG overdue), made a pot of chicken stock (I'd just used my last lot in the freezer this week) and did some stitching on my friend's 50th birthday picture. I didn't bother photographing the fridge or the chicken stock (duh..) but here is where I'm up to with Louise's cottage:
These are two fabrics I received in the mail - aren't they delightful! And here is my second fabric completed ATC


Miss 376 said...

I hate it when you run out of excuses to put of the housework. This ATC is lovely, suits the autumn feel we have here

wideblueyarn said...

Love the coffee cup fabric and your ATC makes me want to make some. For the moment I need to practise patience I guess...or I could open that big box of fabric I discovered!!!!

Maggie Ann said...

Oh your lucky friend!Your stitching is beautiful. And the fabric is great...I love the cups one. Your ATC is 5*! Don't you hate to defrost the frig? We bought an upright freezer..duh..the salesman told us it was the way to go and easy to defrost. What a lie! I defrosted it a couple of weeks ago. I thought of that salesguy a couple times or more....grrr.