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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Op shop goodies

On Monday morning after I had finished my work for the day, I decided to spend the rest of the day heading south to visit some opshops that I've previously driven past but never had time to stop and look at. There were about 10 of them all along one main road and some of them yielded nothing at all to interest me. But at one or two others, I found some goodies! This dear little half apron in perfect condition - I doubt if it has ever been worn. The design is appliqued on with tiny, perfect stitches. The label says 'made in China' but that does not lessen the standard of the embroidery for me. A few bundles of laces, most of which will soon be on their way to my dear American friend Pam. How's this for a bargain?! Unworked printed supper cloth! It isn't vintage linen - more like a polyester blend, but a nice little project for $5!

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Unique Gowns said...

Hello Patra
It is so good to see another Melbourne soul being so creative ! I love the apron, it is picture perfect ,that is for sure. Best wishes Dana