"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Incredibly beautiful eye candy!

While I toil slowly on my first Crazy Quilting attempt (but I am enjoying it, slow as I am), I look in awe at the work of more experienced stitchers. Cheryl from Cheryl's Chatelaine has another blog, I've just discovered - on which she has a record of the CQ round robins she has done with a group of other stitchers. Even if you don't do this kind of thing yourself, do pop in here for a look. Their blocks are simply stunning.
As I said above, mine is coming along slowly. I've had to unpick a few rows of stitching here and there, as when I'd finished what I was doing, and held it up for inspection, I was shocked to see how untidy my stitching was in some places! But the rows of stitches are not long at all, so it didn't take long to unpick and re-stitch what I'd done. Sharon H. gave me the tiny green dragonfly in the top right hand corner, and the red rosebud in the bottom right hand corner was in a bag of goodies that somebody else gave me last year. I've also added two pieces of pretty braid (yellow at the top and pale green at the bottom left side). Long way to go!


Karen South said...

Wow it's hard to believe this is your first block. It is lookin good!!!

Sharon said...

Your block is coming along nicely G... LOL you could end up having to have another stash cupboard - for CQ block and bit and pieces...