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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The De Stash Event

Last Saturday, I attended a very unique event.  I read about it on the Down To Earth Forum, from a member who saw it on Instagram.  The first De Stash event in Melbourne was held at the Fairfield Community Centre, and organised by three ladies who came up with the idea of getting people together in one place with their unwanted stash, and having a big swap.  I thought to myself I'll be in that!  I filled three bags with fabrics and cross stitch kits that I have had for years but know that I will never use, and I haven't been able to give them away for love nor money.

I got there way too early (1.30) because I wasn't sure where the place was, and didn't know about parking. As it turned out, it was very easy to find, and I got a parking spot right across the road. The organisers were just starting to set up but they didn't mind me hanging around. People started drifting in around 2 pm and kept coming and going until I left, about 3 pm. Wish I'd taken my camera! It was great fun - most girls brought fabrics of some kind - clothing, quilting, upholstery, curtain fabric, etc, but there were heaps of paper patterns, craft magazines, knitting yarn, buttons, ric rac, zips, and so on.  Everyone just wandered around picking up whatever took their fancy!

Most of mine was taken except the cross stitch kits.   We were told that anything left behind after people had helped themselves, was going to be given to a lady who makes things for needy people, and the rest is going to an opshop. I brought home some fabric that I have plans for, and a roll of red wide ric rac.


Annie said...

It can be hard to part with beloved stash. Hope you managed to give away more that you brought home! Looks like some nice fabrics.

Jane Galley said...

what a great idea

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

This event sounds like a wonderful thing to be involved with. Glad you found some more fabric to create with!