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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stitchery Roll Keeper

One of the girls at the Quilt Shop stitching group made herself a lovely roll wrap thingy to keep her quilting blocks flat to carry around while she is working on them.  Everybody wanted one, so the pattern was well-copied by the time we had all made ourselves a roll!  It starts off with a post office cardboard mailing cylinder, which is wrapped in padded fabric, which extends outward to keep your work on.  Difficult to explain, so here are the photos of mine:
Here it is, laid out.  I glued a circle of fabric on one end of the cylinder, which won't be pulled out.

Below you can see the other end which has a yo-yo over the stopper with a button.  Inside the cylinder are my scissors, threads, and pattern.  The stitchery on display is a very old UFO.

And here it is rolled up, ready to travel!
I have had a few people comment on the pretty fabric.  They are piece that I found at the De Stash event.


Jane Galley said...

oh, i love this, great idea too. You could have one for each project in progress

Cynthia MacDougall, Canadian Guild of Knitters said...

Your stitchery roll was the first one I found on Google Images! Thank you!

I bought the fabric to make one, and for the tube, I found an end off of an acid-free quilt roll from my local museum.

Thanks again,
Cynthia in Canada