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Friday, July 29, 2016

Linen washing and ironing in progress.

I have started sorting and cleaning my late friend's linens.  To be fair to Denise, nothing was grubby at all.  But a lot of it was damp, and I can only guess at the reason.  She might have washed everything but never got around to ironing it, but I just can't imagine that she would have left it in the boxes like that, as fabrics would quickly go mouldy.  The other thought is that they were in the boxes in her husband's shed, and got damp from being outside.  But again, there would have been mould.  Anyway, I'm cleaning it all just to be on the safe side.   It is a big job and will take at least a week to finish them all, but I am loving every minute!  Below are all the sandwich tray doilies ironed.
Today I washed and line dried all the smaller doilies, a few large ones, and the white work and lace/crocheted work.  They are waiting in a pile to be ironed.

I started on the tablecloths this afternoon.  As I only have a certain amount of line space, I only wash half a dozen cloths at one time.

The items below are the unfinished doilies in one box.  I don't recall Denise stitching, so she may have picked these up at an opshop with the intention of having a go at embroidering them.


Jane Galley said...

The best way to see them is in the washing and ironing, it gives you the time to appreciate and marvel over them

Emmbee said...

Love, love, love! All of your gorgeous linens! It's interesting how we love to iron linen and fabric, but general clothing iron holds less appeal!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How beautiful they all are! How wonderful that they were entrusted to you .......she knew you would take care of them like you have done! Absolutely beautiful. So sorry for your loss.