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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Deceased estate linens.

Two dear friends of mine passed away last month within a week of each other.  They were both collectors of linens like me, and we spent many a happy day looking for linens in opshops and online, then having a cuppa at my place or theirs, drooling over our collections.   We used to kid each other about leaving our linens to each other when we die, but of course I had no idea that I would be the beneficiary of both lots quite so soon.  Denise was diagnosed with cancer 12 years ago, but spent the first 10 years pretty much as she always did, out with friends and enjoying herself.  It was only in the last year or so that her condition deteriorated to the point where she didn't leave the house, so it wasn't a shock when she finally passed away.

My other friend Helen had suffered a stroke years ago, but was still living a reasonable life with her hubby at home.  She died very unexpectedly.  Her husband isn't in a hurry to clear the family home of her belongings, but hinted that I might receive some of her linen collection if their sons and wives don't want it.  I'm really not fussed, I've got so much, but I hate the thought of her linens being sent to an opshop!

 Denise's darling husband phoned me last week to say that Denise  had instructed him to give her linen collection to me, and he arrived yesterday with three boxes in his car.  He said this is only the start - the boxes have been in his shed for some time, as Denise never got around to sorting them out and cleaning them.  So I've got a big job ahead, but I love doing it.  I phoned one of her other friends to tell her that I'd been given the linens, but would like to share them around with her other friends, and she was pleased.  We will get together when I have them all washed and ironed.

The boxes:

Tipped out on to the floor:

Sorted into groups: 9 runners, 2 guest towels, 3 pillowshams, 53 large doilies, 88 small doilies, 32 sandwich tray doilies, 14 whitework pieces, 6 tea cosies, 13 crochet/lace doilies, 4 unworked doilies, 21 napkins, 3 handkies, 2 cushions covers, 1 sauce bottle cover, 3 pincushions, and a bag of knitting wools and needles.

One box full of tablecloths.  I haven't counted these yet, but I think there are about 40.  There is one unfinished.

The second lot washed and hung out to dry under the patio because it has been raining non-stop.


Annie said...

What a nice way to keep a memory of your friends. I'm sure they'd both be pleased to know that their precious collections are in such good hands.

Jane Galley said...

They would have been happy knowing they were going to someone that would make sure they were treasured

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

I am so very sorry for the passing of your friends. The linens look lovely even in a pile!