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Monday, October 27, 2014

Decorated supermarket bags, Owl coasters.

Once I've been doing some sewing, I get on a roll and do a few more things while the sewing machine is on the table.  Like most of us, I accumulate all kinds of 'green bags' in various colours, but I like to tart them up a bit and block out any brand names.  Today I had red bags from Bunnings and the Heart Foundation, so to give them a feel of Christmas, I added some motifs that were left over from a fabric panel that I had used for something else.  It was just a matter of cutting them out with pinking shears and machining them on to the bags.   When I give somebody a bag of goodies in the coming months, I'll use one of these bags which they can continue to use if they wish!

Ken is a member of the Avicultural (birds) Society and we usually attend their monthly meeting.  At the last meeting the president put out a call for donations for their annual Christmas hampers, asking for wine, biscuits, and the usual food items.  I asked his wife later if they would like some patchwork items such as coasters or placemats featuring birds, and she was very enthusiastic about that idea!  I have plenty of Aussie themed fabric, but none with Australian birds as I used it all a while ago.  But to make a start, I decided to make some coasters with the owl fabric I had, as most people like owls :-)   Cute?


Linens and Royals said...

Owls are cute and those shopping bags can be 'tarted up' in all sorts of ways to make them look a bit prettier. I've done a few of mine.

Julie21 said...

Those bags look very Festive Gina...good job! I'd never have thought to do that with them and the owl coasters are a superbly different and lovely addition to the gift hamper...and most suited.

Annie said...

Such clever ideas! You are they only one I know who decorates grocery bags. So eco-friendly for re-usable gift bags.

And the owls will make great coasters.

Cathy said...

Very nice Gina. The bags are a good idea. Useful and pretty. I like the bird coasters. Very nice.

Liz in Kansas said...

Great idea for the bags! I have quite a few that are nice bags except for the company logos. I like that you are giving them as gift wrap, too. Green twice!

Jane Galley said...

what a great idea for the bags