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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Two projects finished.

I've been doing more paper craft lately, as a bit of a change from textiles, but I had to get working on my November Xmas project, which I finished today.  This cushion is for a friend who has terminal cancer.  She saw this magazine in my sewing room and said how cute the cushion was. 

She asked if it would be hard to make and I said no, not difficult at all.  It is felt applique on the background fabric with a few trims - easy! She doesn't know it yet, but this is to be her Christmas present, providing she lives that long...I had the spotted fabric in my stash, and even though it has little blue flowers on it, I decided to use it and not worry about buying more fabric for this project.

I borrowed this library book and have renewed it twice, so it had to go back today.   As usual I left it until the last minute to make what I wanted to before I returned it!  The owl coasters I made two weeks ago were from this book, and there were so many cute patterns in it, that I was tempted to buy myself a copy but decided not to add to my already bulging bookshelves..

I still wanted to make one more item though, and this was it:  A wire coat hanger dressed up with a felt cover, appliqued with felt flowers and a bit of stitching.  It is really cute.  I used felt as the pattern instructions suggested, but if I make any more, and I hope to - I'm going to use fabric, as I've got so much that isn't ideally suited to patchwork, but would be perfect for this!


Christine M said...

Your cushion looks lovely, Gina. Perhaps you could give it to your friend now to brighten up her day. Lovely covered hanger too.

Annie said...

That was so nice of you to make the pillow for your friend. And I agree with Christine... give it to her early.

Jane Galley said...

Love the hanger, very pretty. Your friend would be delighted with her cushion

Linda Steele said...

Lucky friend to receive this from you.