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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Not my own work, and very different!

I am a member of the Down To Earth forum, and the members have a lot of fun with exchanges and swaps during the year.  The patchwork tree I showed in the previous post went to Pam in South Australia, and this is what she sent to me in return:

I don't make dolls, in fact since I got rid of the dolls I had in my childhood, I've never had once since, up until now!  Pam named her doll "Chrissy" as she is a Christmas doll, and I adore her!  I took the first photo outside in the daylight to capture the colours, and then brought her inside to find the right spot for her to sit during the month of December.  Here she is on the table in our entrance hall, where she will be able to greet everyone who walks in the front door :-)

Another hand made item I received this week from another member of the DTE forum is a tea jumper.  Yes, a jumper, not a cosy.... There was a discussion thread about tea cosies, and 'Glenda' posted a photo of the teapot jumper she had knitted.  I fell in love with it and asked if she would make me one, and she did - aren't people generous?
Here is my Tea Jumper - isn't that the cutest thing!


Linens and Royals said...

I love that Tea Jumper, never heard of them before and now I will search for a pattern. I can even knit cable stitch in very small amounts. Sylvia

Jane Galley said...

Not a fan of dolls myself, but appreciate the work that goes into them. Love the tea jumper, great fun