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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Selling hand made craft items - read the advice on Joanne's blog.

I've noticed quite a few blog writers asking their readers for their opinions on selling their finished craft items.
It has been suggested to me that I sell some of mine, because they are 'cute' and would have wide appeal at a market stall.  Well, my answer is no - I don't want to sell any of my creations.   I made them for me because I think they are cute too!  I have given away a few things that I've made, and while not regretting it, I wished I could do them again, but I know I won't, because there are so many others I want to make.

Joanne over at Quilting Collecting And More has written a very informative post about the pros and cons of selling hand made crafts, either online or at markets.  If you are wondering whether or not to sell, and how to go about it if you decide to go ahead, do yourself a favour and read this post!


Christine M said...

Hi Gina. I've had people tell me I should make things to sell. But to me, that would take the enjoyment away from my hobby. It would then become a chore, with deadlines and pressures. So I just like to make things to give away and for myself. Hugs, Christine xx

Linens and Royals said...

I only buy 'stuff' never sell it. I might give something away but never sell, that would take away all the fun. Sylvia