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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quilt donations for babies in PNG.

Yaso and I are overwhelmed with the generosity of quilters far and wide who have offered to send us quilts for the babies in PNG.  So far there are seven donors in Australia, two in the USA and two more that I've had emails from, but I don't know yet where they live.  A few details for anybody wishing to donate quilts: the dimensions are not important.  These people do not have cots or beds, so all they need is a small quilt to wrap up a newborn baby for the first year or so.   I am holding the donations at my home until Yaso is ready to either ship them over to PNG or take them with her on her next trip, which may not be for a few months (see below).  I am keeping a record of everyone who donates - name, town, state (country) and email address, and as the quilts arrive, I'll photograph them and keep the details of the donor with the pictures, so Yaso will know exactly where they come from.  If you need my postal address, email me from here (my email address is on my profile details) and I will get back to you.

The following is an email to me from Yaso which she has suggested that I post here, to give my readers an insight into her work.  I think I stated on a previous post that she worked for the government.  I got that wrong!  Her work is partially funded by the government.  Anyway, this will explain it:

Hello Gina, thanks. if the quilts can collect at your place, that would be great.  I am still working out how I transport etc. And it won't be anytime soon - possibly nearer end of October. Thank you for your contributions and the others you so easily draw in such a practical and useful way.

Please find below two paragraphs which might be useful for your blog.  (We are writing a book together - and in spite of their remoteness and simple practical needs, their knowledge and capacity to work through many issues and questions of the modern world humbles me). 

The Patea (Kukukuku) Tribal Community, which has an approximate population of 98,000 people, stretches from Kaintiba District in the Gulf Province, Menyamya District and part of Bulolo/Wau District in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea. This tribal community has been working with researcher Yaso Nadarajah and team on developing an innovative remote sustainability model called the Patea Eco-Enterprise. This Enterprise has its genesis from the several community mobilization activities that began in 2009 together with the  researcher and her team at RMIT University; and activities such as the Patea Theater group have enriched efforts to revive, as well as create stories important to the Patea community culture and wellbeing. 

In 2012, a small seed funding grant awarded to RMIT University’s work with the Patea Tribe, enabled us (Patea and RMIT) to commence ground work towards establishing this shared idea of a Patea Eco-Enterprise. Amounts from this seed funding was given directly to ideas that the Patea groups came forward with. This also meant that community members had the chance to work on their ideas, build at their pace, invest their own resources and knowledge; and in time, identify the skills, partners and research they needed to establish these ideas as viable business and trade. Members of the tribe have shown that they can create useful projects and relevant projects with even the smallest collaboration. Within a year, several ideas have taken root; many now thinking about the next stage of production and trading.  As the project develops, it is vital that new and trusted partnerships and relationships that mutually benefit both partners grow in combination with the project. This can also serve to deepen understanding of different cultures, ways of lives and the way combined efforts enrich the lives of everyone involved


Sue Niven said...

really interesting, thanks for sharing.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a wonderful thing for you to do and all of those who also have helped! This big ole world is a small comfy place with stithers like you!

Sue SA said...

Hi I have two bunny rugs in flannel I have finished and want to post to you, but my pc doesnt want to give up your email address, could you please email me your snail mail address? Thanks Sue SA
PS I did a little tute on my blog re bunny rugs, hope that helps.(motherpatchwork.blogspot)