"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Photos as promised.

I had a very productive day today despite all the noise overhead while the workers were ripping the old roof off our house!   (I've posted photos here if you are curious).  I spent much of the afternoon hand sewing the binding of Ken's quilt, and once finished, hung it out in the sun to take this photo.

This is my Janome with it's hard case, and underneath, the cover I made using some printed denim fabric that I found in an opshop for a few dollars.  It is rather cute with those handkies looking almost real, and hard wearing fabric, so it is perfect as a protective cover for the machine.

And this is where I am up to with the Peacock sampler.  Now that I have a closer look at this, there isn't a lot more done since the last photo!  But every stitch counts...;-)


Annie said...

Such a great quilt! Ken must love it.

Your new machine looks very comfortable in its jeans. Great idea for protecting it when you don't have the hard cover on it.

Those peacocks are coming along nicely too!

I always use earplugs when work is going on. But maybe the roofing isn't so loud. Amazing that you could concentrate though!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

We went through getting a new roof a couple of years ago............took them 3 weeks. I was so glad when they were through! Love the cheerful and vibrant quilt! Your jean machine cover is wonderful!

Christine M said...

Ken's quilt looks great Gina. So does your machine cover. I made a cover for my machine instead of using the hard one. Looks so much nicer too.

Liz said...

Love that jeans fabric!

No doubt Ken is glad to have the quilt to snuggle under - and those colors will brighten up the evenings for both of you!

Getting a new roof is always kind of stressful (poor kitties don't understand the noise, do they?) but you will really appreciate having a drier, warmer house.

Jane Galley said...

I love the jeans sewing machine cover, amazing, and Ken's quilt has turned out really well. I am sure he will put it to good use

Pam Kellogg said...

Gina, the quilt you made for Ken is awesome! It certainly looks like you've been making large quilts for years!

Hugs, Pam