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Thursday, February 02, 2012

A website to show off your UFOs!

While I was at the Guild today, I was browsing through the latest magazines in the library, and came across an article about two ladies who have started a collection of UFOs as part of a university project. It struck a chord immediately, and I copied down the website address so I could check it out later. They don't call the collection UFOs - instead, they refer to "Unfinishables". Hmmm.. whatever. They are asking people around the world to either post their UFOs to them in the UK, or email a photo along with a completed questionnaire that is provided. OK, my crafty bloggy friends - dig out your oldest UFO and email a pic to this site The Unfinishable!


Catherine said...

Thanks for the link Gina! I have more than a few UFO`s. Too many!

Joanne said...

Oh, they seem to mean projects that will not be finished. I'm afraid I'm in denial about my UFO's. They will ALL be finished....one day! LOL.