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Friday, February 24, 2012

Tea Cosy.

I whipped up a teacosy today.  I was visiting my friend Helen the other day, and telling her I was thinking of making a teacosy for the Teacosy Festival at Bundoora Homestead in May.  This is an annual fund raising event for the Cancer Council of Victoria, and they ask people to donate handmade teacosies which are displayed in the gallery for a couple of weeks.  Visitors to the gallery can purchase the teacosies, which are left on display until the end of the event, and collected afterwards by the buyers.
I had been showing Helen my ties CQ blocks, as she has a vested interest in anything I do with my ties, seeing she has spent many hours helping me de-construct them over cups of tea!  When we got to talking about the teacosy festival, and I said I might make a patchwork cosy, she suggested I make one using some of my ties.  Great idea!  But I didn't want to use the ties for my first effort in case I stuffed it up :-(
so I just used some of my scrap stash.  It has turned out very nicely, but I have some finishing touches to do before I take a photo and post it here.  Watch this space...there will be more teacosies appearing in due course!
Helen and Gina, taken on Helen's 70th birthday last weekend.


Miss 376 said...

Can't wait to see your tea cosy, I had some my mum knit for me many years ago, but I don't seem to use them now. The tea doesn't sit in the pot that long any more, lol

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a wonderful idea! Cant wait to see how yours looks!

Cathy K said...

I am looking forward to seeing your tea cozy, but am just as thrilled to see YOU! :-) What a sweet picture of you two! Hugs, Cathy