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Monday, November 08, 2010

Photos of my winning works.

Well, I came home with two first prizes, two seconds and one third - and $34 in prize money. While I am chuffed about all this, I need to explain to you that five prizes don't make me the best of the best! Local shows like this are a starting point for the big time shows such as Melbourne or Sydney Agricultural shows, and they (the local ones) don't attract the amount of work that the state competitions do. Several people have said to me in past years that if more people don't enter the needlecraft sections of these shows, they are likely to be closed, as it is not worth judging one or two items in some categories. For instance, although my bookmark won first prize, there was only two bookmarks entered! And the biscornu was in a section called "Cross stitch items not in any other category", and mine was the only entry, so I got first prize! Still, it is a buzz to see one's work up there on view for all to see, with certificates attached, regardless of whether it is the only one in its category ;-)
The two cross stitched bookmarks entered - mine is the black and white one.
These three are all mine - funny how they put them all together. The larger peacock on the right hand is the 2nd prize winner here - it is stitched on linen, whereas the others are on Aida. My Biscornu - the design is Pam Kellogg's - waving to Pam!
My three patchwork blocks, all together again. The centre block (peacock) has 3rd prize in this category.
This one was a real surprise - second prize for simple redwork! Waving to Bronwyn Hayes - thanks for your cute pattern ;-)
I took many more photos of the other crafts in the Homecraft Pavilion at the Show, but I'll post them on another blog tomorrow if I get time. Thanks to all my dear friends who have left congratulatory messages. If you have never put your work into a show, DO IT! If I can win something, anybody can!


Annie said...

Congrats to you! Your work is beautiful and definitely deserves each of those prizes. You are so versatile! On to the bigger show!

Linens and Royals said...

The blackwork bookmark and the peacock are my favourites but they are all deserving of their prizes and I'm sure received lots of compliments at the show. Well Done..

Midge said...

Huge congratulations on your prizes. I'm so glad the peacocks won prizes, especially the patchwork piece which is absolutely gorgeous.

Pear tree cottage! said...

WELL DONE! GINA! VERY WELL DONE!! but then again I have seen your work up close and personal and of course you would win! and win! and win many more.........you truly do wonderful stitching my dear friend. Lee-ann

Joy V said...

Congrats Gina - you won that is all that matters - if others don't want to enter their work, then you're definitely the winner!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Congratulations Gina, your work is lovely, don't sell yourself short. Good on you for supporting the local shows, I must try to remember to enter something in mine next year. It was held last week so I missed out on this year LOL!!!

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh, how wonderful for you Gina! I'm so glad that your Biscornu won!!! It's just lovely. Love the colors.