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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Next Show!

I dropped off some of my embroideries to the Lilydale Showgrounds today. I had seven of the nine that I'd entered at Whittlesea, but when I mentioned to the steward that I had two more items in my car (I'd been showing them to a friend earlier), she said "Bring them in!" The ladies said they were happy to accept last minute entries, as their numbers were down this year, so I added my Black Cats patchwork wall hanging, and the Romantic Dancers bookmark (I wasn't going to enter that, as it had just won at Whittlesea, but the steward said that didn't matter - this was Lilydale!) There were several people in the queue behind me, and when they heard my discussion with the stewards, they said "Oh, we've got more in our car too!" so off they went and retrieved their extras. For anyone in Melbourne reading this, The Lilydale Show is on this weekend at the showgrounds which are two blocks behind Maroondah Highway, just past the railway line.


Sherri said...

Good luck at this show and congratulations for all your winnings!

Thanks for sending me the sidecar photos. Some of them are really wild. I was pleased to find out that we had motorcycles in common, too.

Enjoy your baby finches!

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Gina
Good luck at the show :-)