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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Whittlesea Show

Last year I entered one of my cross stitch projects (Indian Chief) into the Craft Section of the Whittlesea Show. It didn't win anything, but it was fun to see it on display with all the other embroidered pieces. This year, my friend Cheryl asked me again if I was going to enter anything, and at first I said no, I haven't done anything worth while. Then I thought what the heck - I'll just put a few of this year's completed projects in - why not? Nothing to lose. So on the closing day for entries, I submitted paperwork for the Assisi Lyrebird, the Stretching Cat, Assisi Leaf Coaster and two embroidered tea towels. I put the Stretching Cat into another frame so it looked a bit less tizzy.
Last Thursday, Cheryl and I drove up to Whittlesea with our bits and pieces. Cheryl had half a dozen items, as well as four for her Mum and a couple of quilts for her neighbour. I had my recently completed Three Black Cats patchwork with me to show Cheryl; I'd finished that too late to enter into the Show. But when we got there, Cheryl persuaded me to take it inside and ask if the stewards would accept a late entry. The Show schedule states that they will not accept late entries, but the two elderly ladies at the desk scoffed at the rules and said "We'll just add you to the list, dearie!"
I didn't get to the Show yesterday, but Cheryl did, and I phoned her to ask how we all went. She and her mum had won a couple of awards, and I won a third place for my Stretching Cat!! I was amazed to hear that; of all my entries, this was the simplest project which took only a couple of hours to stitch. What a buzz. I'm collecting all our stuff late this afternoon as Cheryl has to work...I haven't told Ken yet that we are collecting half a dozen quilts as well as the framed stuff belonging to Cheryl and I!


Miss 376 said...

Congratulations, lovely to get a bit of recognition for what you've done

SharonH said...

Congratulations G!!!! What a wonderful surprise!!!!

Love and Hugs S

Aussie Stitcher said...

Congratulations on the win.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Gina "well done!" to you both it would be a buzz to win a prize for pieces entered in the show.

That is so cool!!! love the cat....I knew if I dropped in today I may get to see if you won anything.

love and hugs Lee-ann

Linens and Royals said...

Sometimes the simplest things are the most impressive. Well done Gina.

Sherri said...

Very cool! What a nice surprise.

Lakshmi said...

Hi Gina,
congrats..thts so nice ur streching cat won the prize..

Joanne said...

Congratulations! Will this inspire you for some entries for next year?