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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two more Autumn postcards.

Aren't these lovely? The top one is from Marja in the Netherlands, and the other is from Allyson in South Africa. "Stitchin' Fingers" is truly an international friendship group!
On another subject, I finished stitching the borders around my Teapots round robin today, but it needs pressing before I photograph it for the blog. I also have some more old linens to photograph once they are ironed. I went back to MIL's house today to retrieve a framed picture from the lounge room wall, to take in to hang in her room at the hostel. While I was in the house, I looked in the laundry to see if there was any more cloths tucked away in cupboards, and I found some very old pillowcases and a few other bits and pieces, so I brought them home, soaked them for a while, then hung them out in the sunshine to bleach them (they are all white cotton or linen, no coloured items). I just need to iron them ready to show S.I.L., and will take some pics for the blog then.

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Miss 376 said...

These postcards make the post really exciting. I posted a bundle today, so hopefully, you should get yours soon