"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Old linens get a new lease of life!

Kathleen over at Yesteryear Embroideries in the U.S.A., does the most exquisite embroidery, and she particularly likes to work on vintage designs and linens. After reading her blog and seeing examples of the work she does, I asked her if she would like to play with some of the old UFOs in my stash, and she readily agreed to. So I sent a dozen assorted items over to her, and she has just posted photos on her blog of the first doiley she has finished. Even though I have far too many vintage linens in my cupboard, most of which I shall never do myself, it is hard to part with them because I just love to look at them, handle them, and think about how I will stitch them. Most of my readers would empathise with me! But I was more than happy to pass them on to Kathleen, knowing she will love them and actually work on them, instead of the pieces sitting unseen in my home for years to come. Do visit Kathleen's blog here and see what magic she has woven!

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