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Friday, May 08, 2009

Antique market finds.

I've been prowling around opshops this week, but today I decided to go upmarket and visit one of our local antique markets. I found some great items all messed up in a heap in a clothes basket under a table. So having the afternoon free, I sat on the floor, tipped everything out and proceeded to fold them all up and put them back neatly, removing what I wanted as I went. The ladies in charge were so impressed they gave me a cup of coffee and biscuit free of charge! Here are some of the items I found: This koala doiley is quite common; I think I already have one or two in my collection, but the stitching on it is beautiful, so it was worth grabbing for $6. His fur looks so real you could just about cuddle him.
There must have been over 100 tea towels, and as much as I love them, I am NOT going to start collecting them, at least not any more than what I already have in our hall cupboard...So I only took a few - for $3 each I was very pleased to get two plain Irish linen towels which will be perfect for my Aunt Martha's transfers. Two that are already embroidered,
I gave in to temptation on these two printed towels. I can't resist anything with chooks and chickens on these days! The one with the Irises on is for the staff at Iris Grange, the aged care hostel where my MIL is now. They are so kind and caring, I just thought this would be a little gesture to say thanks. It will probably end up one day in the kitchen mopping spills, but I'm sure the girls will like it for now.
I also bought two aprons (printed fabric, not embroidered) which can be seen on my Aprons blog, and this tablecloth, also printed fabric. As my friends know, I only collected embroidered linen, but I had to have this lovely bright crinoline lady cloth for our kitchen table!


Janny said...

You are a lucky one Gina. Nice things...! cheers, Janny

Miss 376 said...

That koala is gorgeous, no wonder you couldn't resist him