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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fabric postcards for our bushfire victims.

Most of the people who read this blog will be aware of the Stitchin' Fingers website (the link is at the top of the sidebar here). I belong to several of the groups on the website, one being the Fabric Postcards Group. I asked the members of this group if they would be willing to make a postcard for a person who has lost family, friends or property in the February bushfires in Victoria. So far I have received FPCs from ladies in England, the USA and other parts of Australia, and more have been promised from other countries.
Lorna in the U.K. is a textiles teacher at Cantrell College in Southampton, and asked her students if they would make a postcard for a child over here, who had been affected by the bushfires. Today I received a large carton from England, with 140 handmade postcards, all with messages on the back from the children (age group from 11 to 13). Here is the box: This is what it contains: Just a few of the children's postcards: They all have caring messages on the back of the cards:
I have to tell you that both Ken (my husband) and I were moved to the point of having tears in our eyes as we read each message. To think that these kids on the other side of the world, would do this for children here, who they don't know and are not likely to meet, is something very special. There has always been a close link between England and Australia because of our shared history, and this project goes to show that those links are still strong. Lorna must be a very special teacher to be able to persuade her students to do this.
I have already emailed Lorna to thank her, and have told her that I will be emailing our local paper and other media to tell them about this effort for our Bushfire victims. Even though so much continues to be done by so many, to me this is different, because it's done by kids for kids.
Thanks Lorna, and thank you also to your students.


Annie said...

That is just the sweetest, Gina. What a caring project.

Doreen G said...

How wonderful Gina that these children and their teacher could do such a thoughtful and caring project.

ricebabies said...

wow, that is really wonderful