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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Starting another Fabric postcard.

If you go back a few posts here, you will find an ATC I made, featuring a cup of coffee. That fabric was from a man's tie that I found in an opshop, and snapped up immediately, realising the possibilities of the design! I am now incorporating some more of that tie in my latest Fabric postcard, which is destined for Janny in the Netherlands. Here is what I have done so far. I've got a bit more embellishing to do, then it will be mailed. My 96 year old MIL who lives with us now, is fascinated by these little miniature works of fabric art. I showed her this one from the start, making the block, then choosing the bits of lace and buttons to finish it off. She says they never had anything like that in her days of embroidery - just ordinary old fancy work on traced linen, crochet and tatting. ORDINARY OLD??? Understatement of the century!
I've also started another Asissi stitching project, which will take quite some time, as I'm teaching a non-stitching friend to do it and we are 'stitching in tandem'. Not worth photographing anything yet, but as we get more done, I post some pics.

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