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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Goodies waiting for me at The Guild!

When I arrived at the Embroiderer's Guild yesterday for my monthly volunteer stint, I was met by the other volunteer I work with on this particular day. She reminded me that I'd missed their Paddy's Market Day, but she'd seen some aprons and other small items she thought I'd like, so she grabbed them for me. Thank you, Wanda! Here are two items; you can find the aprons on my Apron blog. This is a very old Fautleys design. I always wish people would leave the instructions attached to the linen - the staple is still in the material, but the piece of paper has long gone!
Not sure about yellow daffodils and green leaves on this green traycloth...I wonder how it would look if I just stitched the outline in black instead of filling it in with colours?

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