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Friday, October 05, 2007

Chelle and more stitching time.

My blogging friend Chelle over the Pond in the U.S.A. went raving mad today, posting comments all over my blogs about my latest linen finds! I caught up with her while she was in the middle of posting them, and we hooked up to each other on Instant Messenger. We chatted online for about an hour - 4 to 5 pm here in Melbourne, and 1 to 2 am over there in Illinois! What fun to catch up with blog friends online around the world. It cheered me up no end after a traumatic day jobwise - thanks Chelle!
Which brings me to 'more stitching time'. Anyone reading this who also reads my other blog Patra's Other Place will be aware of the problems I've had with my workplace. I'm not going to go into details here, but the good thing to come out of it is that I've decided to have an extended holiday from work, if not actual retirement (Ken's not happy about that option!). I have been so tired all the time this year and recently under more stress, so I am looking forward to being at home or out with friends from now on, and more importantly, having more time to STITCH! I'm going to get moving fast on Chief Indian UFO, so watch this space for developments!


wideblueyarn said...

Hi Gina, Had no idea you had a blog...mum's never mentioned it before (bad mum!) Have had a quick browse of your blog but will have to come back for a longer look as you have some gorgeous pieces in your collection!!

Janice said...

Hi Gina,

Thank you for posting a comment on my blog.

And thank you for clearing up the confusion I had over "ute", but I still don't know what it's sort for? Commute?


Janice said...

Oops, no you did say it was short for utility.


Janice;) again~

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Gina...glad you liked the art-e-zine site...isn't it wonderful though! =)

loulee1 said...

((Hugs)) Your job is stressful enough without the added extras. Enjoy your time, take a rest, then make your decision. I hope it all works out well for you, whatever you decide.
I'd forgotten about the chief, looking forward to seeing him again.