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Friday, June 08, 2007

Finally! My new blog just for Aprons!

It has taken all week, but I finally got two of my friends to model all my aprons while I ironed each one and photographed it. Next I had to transfer all the photos from the digital camera to my computer, sort them all into categories and then label each pic. Finally I created the new blog, and you can see it here. (For future reference, I've put a link to it on the sidebar here, with my other blogs.) Do you know, I'm rather chuffed about all this. Fancy somebody my age being so clever with this technology...LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! What a hoot...I am not really so clever. Most of you who read my humble blogs have the most wonderful artistic blogs, everchanging templates and all the bells and whistles. I'm not even going to try to equal you - just happy to sit back and admire what you do! Hope you enjoy my new one!

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Chelle said...

Hurrah! I'm clicking over the to new blog now...oh goodie!