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Friday, June 29, 2007

eBay and Golliwogs

eBay can be such a dangerous place on the internet, especially for people like me who should not be there at all. I've been pretty good lately, only have a quick look once or twice a month, and if I don't see anything worth bidding for, well it's a good day for my bank account. But now and then, something will catch my eye, one thing will lead to another and before I know it, I've bid on half a dozen auctions! In the past two weeks, I have won two peacock linens (still coming from USA), a 1930's apron, an unfinished apron, a table centrepiece, the tablecloth that is shown below, and earlier tonight, a tea cosy.
Now, I have hundreds of tea cosies in my collection, but this one is quite different. It isn't antique, it is hand knitted by a lady who makes dolls and teacosies using golliwog faces. They are so CUTE!!! Have a look at their website: www.gollydownunder

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woof nanny said...

Those tea cozies are adorable!