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Thursday, April 05, 2007

I've been op-shopping again!

Remember the one I left behind on Tuesday, because I'd run out of cash? Well it was still there today. Now I couldn't leave it behind again, could I? ..and look at what I found today! (Sorry, yesterday - it was Wednesday, and is now Thursday, 1 a.m.) Lace for Pam, ties for Barb, books and linen for me!! I tried a couple of times to photograph this lace, but this is the best of a poor lot. There are two lots of apricot coloured lace, one of pink, and a couple of rolls of white. These are the ties all on the clothes line. Ken has since added a few of his own that he no longer wants - I'm just glad he didn't want any of these in exchange! Pam, I've put close-up photos on Patra's Other Place for you.

1 comment:

woof nanny said...

Ooh--how fun! Thank you!

How do you find this stuff? I have been looking for you, but I can't find anything anywhere. Or if I do, it's way overpriced. I'll have to scope out new locations...