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Monday, April 16, 2007

Gifts to and from blogging friends.

Pam K and I have been happily swapping this past year - she likes our Aussie magazines and lace, and I like her cross stitch magazines! Today I received these beautiful even weave coloured fabrics 'to play with' as Pam put it....PLAY with? I don't think so - I'm already planning what to stitch on them and it will be in deadly earnest!! And here is some more lace that I found today at Savers - it will be on its way very soon, Pam!


Maggie Ann said...

How much fun you have Gina! I see in your profile we are the same age or near-abouts!

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh Gina, everything you send to me is so wonderful! And I'm glad that your package arrived so quickly. You'll have another on it's way tomorrow!

I just love your blog and your linens! I'm still looking for a stitched peacock linen for you when I'm out and about antiquing. One of these days, I'll find something. And If I don't? I'll make you something from my vintage transfer collection!

Hugs to you!

Lee-ann said...

Gina hello do hope this is going to you with no flu bugs attached! lol lol lol.

anyway Rob went back to work today....thank goodness not 100% but getting there. I have been so worried about him and as for myself well I have just been left with a horrid voice at the moment and that is all. We will get there.

Sadly I am unable to go on the big adventure with you and Miss eagle Sat.29 I so SO! wish I could but we have to do something else and I am upset about it but please plan another time and I WILL! go to that one.

I love that you and Pam send pieces to each other blogger friendship "nothing like it" take care my friend Lee-ann

Crazee4books said...

Hi Gina, Do you have a fabric type that you prefer to stitch on? And what size fabric do you like best. I use 28 count most, but would love to try a smaller count. But I don't know if my eyes could handle it. Those fabrics are so pretty. By the way, that table cloth with the ducks on it...don't let Anne at Feather Stitch see it.

Gina E. said...

Maggie ann: I think most of the bloggers in our sphere are of a similar age group - somewhere between 40 and 60, with a few either side. We seem to have similar opinions and interests, that younger generations would not understand.
Pam: I'm happy that you're happy! A peacock stitched by you?? That would be FANTASTIC!
Lee-Ann: Ken and I are sorry to hear that Rob caught the bug so badly. Don't mind about the opshop day - there are sure to be many more opportunities to do that!
Judy: I have done most of my cross stitch on 14ct Aida, because that is the material that is suppplied with most kits. But I am happy working on 28ct or 32ct even weave, as I love the effect of the material.