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Sunday, December 17, 2006


After the initial novelty wore off, I hardly ever look at the stats. to see who is reading my blogs and where they are from. But with the silly season in full swing, and people being busy with other things, naturally blogging would have a low priority listing for most people at the moment. I've noticed I'm not getting as many comments as I used to, and put this down to more reasons than Xmas. Firstly, I haven't had as many pictures in here as I did earlier, so of course there is nothing to comment on! Secondly, I don't spend as much time visiting other blogs as I used to, although I keep tabs on everyone in my sidebar at least once a week.
So I decided to check out my stats, and after my first shock of discovering I'd hit the 53,000+ mark (I was going to have a blog party when I hit 50,000!!), I went into the Stats Counter site to see who was visiting me. In the past week, I had 30 visitors from the U.S.A., 29 from Oz, 13 from Turkey, 7 from Honduras and Czech Republic, 5 from India, 2 from the U.K. and Canada, and 1 each from Germany and New Zealand. Well! How nice to know there are so many of you still dropping in, and assuming you have your own blogs, I would be delighted if you would leave even a brief comment to say hi, so I could click on your link and visit you in return.
I think we have an option to open our blogs up for anyone to comment on, regardless of whether they have their own blog or not...I thought about doing this, as I have had emails from people who don't have blogs, but wanted to contact me about mine. There must be a lot of people who read blogs and would like to comment. What do you think?


Lil said...

Waving hello from S Korea!

jaydwhite said...

Hello from Ohio I don't have a blog but I do read them and sometimes comment so yes keep it open to those of us who read but don't write I enjoy your blog Julia

Gina E. said...

Hi girls! Thanks for your superfast response! Lil, I've left a message on your blog. Julia, sorry I can't do the same for you, but thank you very much for visiting and commenting!

Karen said...

Hello from Kentucky, USA, I read your blog and enjoy seeing all your pics. Keep em coming! Also what counter do you use that gives you info on who is visiting your blog? My counter only gives me numbers of visits.

Gina E. said...

Hi Karen, Nice to see you here! My stats counter is this one