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Thursday, December 21, 2006

More on Mermaids and my linen collection.

Barb from Woof Nanny left a comment on one of my earlier posts here and I am starting a new post to reply, as it will be a bit too long-winded to leave as a comment. Here is Barb's comment: Adorable. Were mermaids a pattern at one point (Vogart or something)? I would make this. I'll actually be attempting embroidery again soon--a swap item. I just ordered the pattern. Have you considered buying and selling linen for a living? You seem to love it so. Or document items in a book or a museum?
Well, I really have no idea if there were any transfers around for Mermaids. I don't recall seeing anyone in the packets that I have, but I don't have anywhere near the amount of transfers that are available in the USA. That is why I grabbed this towel when I saw it on eBay - so unusual as well as just plain cute!
No, I have not considered buying and selling linen for a living - I collect it purely because I never tire of looking at it and handling it. As a stitcher myself, I have a deep appreciation of the work that has gone into all my cloths. I have sold a few of my bits on eBay and elsewhere, when I've culled my collection and decided that I don't want some of them any more.
As for documenting my collection; a few years ago, I spent over a hundred dollars on an American computer program called "Collectify" which is apparently widely used by museums and serious collectors to catalogue collections. It is a fantastic program, but because of the time it would take to put my linen on it, I've never got around to doing anything about it! I've thought about doing it by hand too, but again, it would be such a big undertaking that I'd have to spend the rest of my life doing it. I'd much rather just enjoy looking at my stuff, and showing it to other people!


Isabelle said...

Sounds like one of the jobs that I tell myself I'll do when I retire... . I just can't imagine how many rooms in your house are given over to your linen. Several, I'd imagine.

Happy Christmas!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Gina, I understand the problem you are having with cataloging your linen collection. I've often thought of doing the same with my book collection, but hauling over 3000 books up from the library basement to the upper floor computer room does not appeal to me. Well, Norad reports that Santa has started his rounds indicating that you in Oz will see him soon. My very warmest best wishes to you and your DH for this holiday season. I'm so very delighted to have met you through blogging and I look forward to continuing our friendship in the New Year. Love Judy

tkdchick said...

Hi Gina,

I figured this was the best way to answer your question about the notation under my ornament on my blog entry. Yes, the ornament is from JCS magazine. When I finish a piece I like to give all the copyright information.

Merry Christmas!

Maggie Ann said...

Gina, I enjoy visiting you so much. You keep alive the love of needlework for us. Hope you are having a lovely Christmas...thank you for your comments at my blog, they are a blessing to me. Joyous Christmas wishs to you and your hubby!

floresita said...

I do own mermaid transfers, but they aren't the same ones your little towel is stitched from - I bought the transfers on Ebay a few months ago. They are old Aunt Martha's, from the 50's or 60's. :)