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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Embroiderer's Guild Xmas Mail Art exchange.

Danielle from A Peacock's Feather made a mail art envelope for me some time ago, and I have been showing it to all and sundry ever since. I took it into the Guild a few months ago, and the ladies who saw it thought it was fabulous. They decided on the spot that the Guild should organise a mail art exchange, and they got 12 participants very quickly (including me of course). Below is a picture of the envelope I made (with the address blanked out for obvious reasons), and below that is a different kind of mail art, that I received from J. my swap partner. She stitched this and put it in an ordinary envelope to send it, so I guess it isn't true mail art, but I love it just the same!
I was talking to W. today, who organised this first exchange and she was saying that there would have been many more participants, but the country members didn't find out about it until after the closing date. So we may organise another one around the middle of the year, when people don't have the Xmas rush to contend with, and they will be given more time to think about what they want to make. In the meantime, I suggested that all our mail art creations be put on display at the Guild early next year so members can see what we did.

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