"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This is an unworked small tablecloth, with a cute Sunbonnet Sue design (I don't consider this a Crinoline Lady). I've been trying to decide how to stitch this one - it could look good as a kind of redwork, ie. just done in one colour using outline stitch, because the lines are very simple. But it could look equally as nice using a variety of stitches and colours. Any suggestions?
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Pat said...

Hello Gina,
You have some beautifully embroidered items on your posts. Thanks for the nice complimentary words about the linens I shared over the blog; I'll continue to add new pics. And of course, will continue to visit you Australia. Oh I love the web; I love blogs; makes the world so small.

Ribbonwiz said...

This is very pretty...and would look lovely whatever colours you choose..
Look forward to seeing how you finish it off..

Lelia said...

Any colors you choose will be ok. You have so many pieces in your collection - I'm sure you can get some ideas. Enjoy

Maggie Ann said...

It would be charming any way you stitch it, even as a piece of 'blue' work. Its such a pretty thing!