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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More about my World War 1 Peacock postcard.

Several people have been very interested in my Peacock Postcard (June 18th), so rather than tack a comment on the end of the original post, I am replying on a new thread. Melissa wanted to know the dimensions of it. It is standard postcard size - perhaps a tiny bit smaller, as postcards are a lot bigger these days than they used to be! 5" x 3" in size.
Pam, this is so old, I am sure there would be no copyright problems if you were to copy it on to your hard drive from my blog and play with it! Would love to see it in one of your CQs.
SharonB, this is the third one of these I have, and yes, they do have a fascinating history. For those readers who don't know, these cards were hand stitched by French girls to sell to the Allies during WW1, so they could send a pretty message back home to their wife, Mum, sister, or whoever. One of my cards has a very touching message written on it by some young soldier, and I will wonder forever if he made it home.


sharonb said...

Gina - do you have the soldiers full name because if you do you could find out from the war Memorial - they possibly would have info on these cards too.

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh Gina, these are so beautiful! I would love to spend a day with you and see all of your pieces in person!

Thankyou for allowing me to copy your peacock to my hard drive. I think I will do just that and see if I can make a pattern from your photo. If I can, I'll share it on my blog. Yes, he sure would look good on a CQ!

Thanks Gina!

Gina E. said...

Hi girls, thanks for dropping by and commenting.
Sharonb, the writing on the back of this postcard is very faded due to its age, and the name is barely legible, so I doubt if I could find anything out about him. I never thought of visiting or contacting the Shrine, or other War Memorials. Good idea.
Pam, believe me, you would not see my whole collection in a day. More like a week! Next time you are in Australia....(lol)

Tannia said...

Hi GIna

There is an online reference to silk postcards at the Australian Warm memorial Website (http://www.awm.gov.au/findingaids/process.asp?collection=special/postcards&item=silk) These are cards made for the Paris Exposition, but still very beautiful! Next time I am in Canberra I will toddle off for a look!

Gina E. said...

Thanks very much for that link, Tannia - I will check it out in a minute! Love finding out more about the items in my collection.