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Saturday, June 24, 2006

So many new additions to my linen!

I'm sure Ken thinks I have doubled my collection over the last two weeks - the house has had linen draped over everything in nearly every room. I have been cleaning another lady's collection for her, as I mentioned on here last week, which has meant putting as much as I can fit into the laundry tub every evening, leaving it to soak overnight, and hanging it out on the clothesline the next morning. Later in the day, I bring it all in (wet or dry) and drape it over clothes horses and anything else until I'm ready to iron it, usually after tea. Our house looks like something from my linen reference books - they have photos of European manor houses and castles, with their linen draped elegantly over the furniture. Mine wasn't really elegantly draped, but I did love seeing it everywhere, while Ken just got sick of it! Just thought of something - I should take some photos of it while I still have it around.
Mind you, 'K' has collected it from here twice, and I've taken some back to her too, so it's not actually accumulating into unmanageable heaps. 'K' is pleased that one of my friends has been buying some after seeing it here, as it is cash in hand for her without having to list on eBay and then wait for it to sell. Mind you, I've been allowed to choose which items I want to buy first! So, while my collection hasn't doubled, it has certainly increased, helped along with a few more wins from other sellers on eBay...here are some photos to keep my readers happy. I'll post the rest over the weekend.

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Maggie Ann said...

Oh boy, I think even royalty would like to see your collection..but then they (she) could just get online like us and ooh and aah...smile.